An interpretation of life through a cameras’ eye …

      Greetings, and welcome. Having lived in Las Vegas, Nv. most of my life, I’ve found myself roaming the beautiful Southwest area and documenting what I find through analog and digital photography. A life long pursuit of visual exhilaration began with my first pair of binoculars, than a telescope, and on to photography and digital editing.
I have always been fascinated with all thing visual, whether mentally, as dreams or the things I see in this world. Also interested in Astronomy, Biology and Electronics, I was bitten by the Music bug at age 16, and never looked back! In and out of half a dozen groups through the years, I have many wonderful memories as a guitar player, and looking forward to making many more. A passionate photographer, I’m constantly in the pursuit of great quality images. Sometimes going to great lengths to achieve what I consider worthy, never leaving any stone unturned. I’m usually pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved with open eyes and mind, and constantly experiencing more. I sincerely wish to thank all of you for the support and I’ve received, and can honestly say, you are powerful motivation for my work. Regards, Chris.